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carpet steam cleaning london ontario

London Ontario Carpet Cleaning

For carpets, the most recommended process recommended by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) is the Steam Cleaning method. Steam cleaning process is actually hot water extraction method where water, at high very high temperatures, is sprayed at high psi onto carpet to agitate all dirt and grime from the carpet, and then finally removed from the carpet with the help of strong suction which is working alongside.

At Fresh Plus Carpet Care, this is the exact method that we use in our carpet cleaning using a truck-mount unit which gives it intense power to do all cleaning. It is safe all the way to the floors under the carpet. It cleans the maximum followed by a lot faster drying times because of the extraction power provided by our units. After using this process, your carpets are guaranteed to look fresh, clean, and soft. To give this whole procedure an extra notch, we also use fiber rinse during the whole process which makes sure there is no residue or chemical left on carpets.

Carpet Cleaning Procedure

1. Pre-Inspection

2. Pre-Vacuum

3. Pre-Spot Treatment

4. Pre-Spray

5. Pre-Groom

6. Move Furniture

7. Hot Water Extraction

8. Carpet Protector

9. Final Groom

10. Foam blocks and foil tabs

11. Aeration to aid the drying process

12. Final Inspection

Along with the 12-step procedure, our technicians are also well trained to know and understand all fiber kinds of carpet, what kind of water pressure is to be given to these fibers, and the what kind of products and chemicals to be used to do maximum and safe cleaning and also to remove stains and odor from the carpet.

Other Fresh Plus features provided in our carpet cleaning are odor & stain removal, urine decontamination, fresh plus scrubbing for heavily soiled carpets, and carpet protection (scotch guard).

We are doing all this in our efforts to prove our mission statement “Striving to make your living environment Fresh, Clean, and Healthy”.

Carper Cleaning London Ontario
carpet cleaning london ontario

It is very important that carpets, anywhere at home or at office, are maintained in the best possible way. Maintaining carpet is primarily vital firstly that your own living environment is kept clean and fresh, but also to adhere to the warranties on carpet, and then finally to keep your carpet looking good for a longer period of time.

Carpets can be vacuumed at some regular schedule, but they should be professionally cleaned as per schedule as well.

Environment: Normal Contaminated Outside,Dusty Extremely Cold Weather Climates High Humidity Biogenic
Day Care Center 2 wk. 1 wk. 2 wk. 1 wk.
Nursing Home 1 mo. 1 mo. 1 mo. 1 wk.
(2 persons, nonsmoking) 6-12 mo. 2 mo. 4-6 mo. 4-6 mo.
(2 persons with smoking) 4 mo. 2 mo. 3 mo. 4 mo.
(Young children) 6 mo. 1 mo. 3 mo. 3 mo.
(Young children with pets) 3-6 mo. 1 mo. 2 mo. 3-9 mo.
Office Building
(Ground floor) 3-6 mo. 1-4 mo. 2-6 mo. 2-6 mo.
(Higher floors) 6-12 mo. 2-6 mo. 3-9 mo. 3-9 mo.
Food Service Establishment
Food Service Establishment 1 mo. 1 wk. 2 wk. 2 wk.
(Retail shop, bank) 3-6 mo. 1 mo. 2 mo. 2 mo.