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Carpet Cleaning Service

For carpets, the most recommended process recommended by the IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) is the Steam Cleaning method. Steam cleaning process is actually hot water extraction method where water, at high very high temperatures, is sprayed at high psi onto carpet to agitate all dirt and grime from the carpet, and then finally removed from the carpet with the help of strong suction which is working alongside.


Upholstery, just like carpets, also needs to be cleaned and maintained in a proper way. Upholstery, from experience, actually picks up more dirt than carpet as it is closer to us and we spend more time on it in our daily routine, and also because we use it more when we eat and drink around it or on it. It should be vacuumed all along its use, but it should also be cleaned professionally so it can stay clean and fresh, and stay that way for a longer time.


Our cleaning procedure starts off with applying a strong chemical treatment to all tile area. This chemical is a mix of base, neutralizer, and acid. The base agitates all the dirt and grime that settled over tiles. The neutralizer actually takes off the chemical being applied to the tiles so that nothing left sticking to the tiles during the procedure and also no residue is left over tiles. The acid removes salt, mineral water build up, and hot water build up over tiles and grout.


Like carpets & tiles, your hardwood floor also need special care so they can look great & clean. We now offer professional cleaning for hardwood & laminate floors. Our hardwood floor cleaner is a unique product formulated to clean, polish &protect all types of hardwood and laminate floors. This will extend the life and improve the appearance of your wood floors. This cleaning procedure is the best for cleaning hardwood by far.