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Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning London Ontario
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Upholstery, just like carpets, also needs to be cleaned and maintained in a proper way. Upholstery, from experience, actually picks up more dirt than carpet as it is closer to us and we spend more time on it in our daily routine, and also because we use it more when we eat and drink around it or on it. It should be vacuumed all along its use, but it should also be cleaned professionally so it can stay clean and fresh, and stay that way for a longer time.

At Fresh Plus Carpet Care, we use the same truck-mount units for upholstery cleaning as this gives us maximum cleaning and faster drying times. To further help our truck-mount cleaning system, we also use the best quality hand tools out in the market for all our upholstery cleaning. These upholstery hand tools further enhances our control in cleaning as we can still clean a lot by throwing least amount of water because upholstery should not be treated with lot of water. This also helps in much faster drying as well.

Our technicians are very well trained on all kinds of fabric on furniture. They know what kind of products and chemicals are to be used for those fabrics even specialized fabrics like linen, indian cotton, leather etc.. They understand the mechanics of water and temperature in the whole process. They are also aware of various strategies of upholstery cleaning like

  • Steam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Hand cleaning
  • Capsulated cleaning for various sensitive fabrics

When you call Fresh Plus Carpet Care for cleaning your upholstery, you should be rest assured that you will get superior cleaning service because of our top equipment, products, and accessories. And, our technicians who are fully trained and experienced will clean it with full care and without any damage to the fabric and furniture. We also clean mattresses and all upholstery inside all vehicle types as well.